Healthy Reading




We’ve had many requests about what is the latest in healthy reading these days and guessed there may be others who are wondering the same thing.  Below is a list of books you may find interesting.  Included are books about the local food movement, cooking healthy meals and living a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a suggestion for the list, drop us a line at  As always, we love hearing from our Ada Marketeers!





Reach for this one when you can’t take just one more salad or steamed fish dish.


Familiar with ‘Tail to Snout’ cooking for meat eaters? This is the vegetable version. Well worth a read for new ideas on keeping food waste to a minimum.

If you haven’t expanded your fermented selections past sauerkraut and alcoholic drinks, it’s time to open this book up and learn what it can do for your health.

Lots of scientific information detailing the effects of food additives and the systemic changes it brings to the body.

A compelling case for the connection between what we eat and how various disorders.

Great basic cookbook on Ayurvedic focused ingredients.