Vendor CSA’s

The Ada Farmers Market has several local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vendors at the Market.  We support these farmers and their shareholders as part of the healthy local community created beyond each market day on Tuesdays.

CSAs are an important part of a farmer’s business model, helping to build a dependable source of income during the growing season.  In return, subscribers get a share of the harvest.  CSA members get selection of fresh produce at a lower cost.  They also become more connected to the local food cycle.  It’s also likely they and their families get to visit a farm more frequently, where everyone can see how their food is grown.  As a member of a CSA, you are a part of the farmer’s business, giving important feedback on what’s available and what other items you’d be interested in trying.  It’s a partnership between buyer and grower, helping farmers build their product portfolio,  strengthening community food resources and enriching the quality of life.

Some of our CSAs offer delivery on market day while others offer flexible locations for pick up, including their farm. If you are interested in trying out one of the CSAs, stop by to see these vendors for a discussion on how their subscriber program works.

Melody Bee Farms
Visser Farms