Chef in the Market

We are always looking for something with that extra sparkle to help make your visit on Tuesday just a bit more special.  One popular event is our ‘Chef in the Market’ program.

Coming to your Market this season!

Chef in the Market

Bringing it fresh and local, from the farm to the frying pan, right on site at the Market.  On select weeks we will invite a special guest chef to come in with a recipe or two using ingredients from our vendors.  Watch them cook it up, ask questions on preparation, taste the result then make up your own batch at home.  It’s that easy!

Chef Jennifer Zirkle – The Ginger Chef –

We are super excited to have Jen Zirkle back as our featured Chef in the Market for 2016. Jen is a personal chef who’s passion is local foods and serving local families in the kitchen. Jen graduated from the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. Jen holds two culinary degrees, an AAAS in Culinary Arts and an AAAS in Culinary Management. She also has two college certificates one as a Personal Chef that is endorsed by the American Personal and Private Chef Associate, as well as one in Baking and Pastry where she was awarded valedictorian.

Whether you are looking for a specific event or weekly meals, Jen The Ginger Chef is right at home as your Personal Chef!