Meet Our Vendors

Boxcar Coffee Company

Boxcar Coffee is handcrafted java from people who care.  They are passionate about bringing approachable coffee to consumers  – upfront and personal at the Market! Learn more about the story at their website or come grab a cup and hear it in person!

The Cheese People

Dedicated cheesemongers bring fresh artisan cheeses to our market from a variety of Midwest producers.

Country Harvest Greenhouse

We’re a family owned business specializing in local and handmade products.  Throughout the year, we have a wide variety of annuals, perennials, and veggie plants, along with a selection of trees and shrubs. During the summer, we have local produce, including strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, squashes, peaches, apples, and many more.

Flower Garden

Buckets of flowers and a perky greeting? You must be at Casey Lemieux’s booth – The Flower Garden. Casey has been growing her flowers for retail over 16 years and has been part of our market for at least 13 of them. In addition to selling at markets around the area, she also creates custom arrangements for weddings and other special events.

Frozen Creek Farms

We invite you to discover our unique farm, nestled in the gentle hills of Northeast Kent County, just minutes from Grand Rapids. We have acres of brightly colored flowers, fragrant herbs and pumpkins.  Our plants are harvested at the peak of perfection, then carefully dried by our own special methods,( we Freeze-Dry our flowers and Preserve Bridal and other keepsake flowers), to retain their vivid colors and full fragrances. Our pumpkin patch awaits your selection! But be patient, we’re still building and planting! We have several different sizes and styles of herb gardens in the works.

Gordon's Food Service

This year, GFS brings their latest product, healthy fresh squeezed juices, to the market. Visit their booth and pick up a bottle – or two! – for your refrigerator today.

Great Bread Company

We are so happy Great Bread Company has returned to our market with their huge selection of fresh, natural breads! Stop by their booth and pick from a wide variety of traditional and quick breads to take home. You might have to grab more than one to narrow down your favorites!

Hartland Farms

We are happy Hartland Farms has joined us this year, bringing much-missed micro greens to the market. Stop by their booth and chat with Cody, the owner, about all his available options for micro-greens. His small plants pack a big nutritional punch and are just what you need for your next local, healthy meal!

Hubbert's Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn is a staple for any market and we are pleased to have Hubbert’s Kettle Corn in ours. Along with the standard selections of popped treats, you’ll want to be sure you grab some Unicorn Popcorn – especially for the littles!

Kathy's Roadshow

We always try to include a few local artisan vendors at the market each year. One of those is Kathy’s Roadshow. Kathy has been with us several years now and always has something special for the discerning shopper. If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry or clothing, she has options you can browse. Need a gift for someone special or a thank-you? Stop by and save yourself an extra trip to the gift shop! 

KDL Library

Summer is time to read and there is ALWAYS time for a good book! Come learn about the great programs for all ages waiting for you at the library.

Ice Cream Jeanie

Stop by Ice Cream Jeanie’s booth for magical treats, locally made from simple ingredients. Whether you are looking for plain vanilla or a specially-crafted vegan ‘ice cream’, you will always have more than you can imagine to choose from her huge selection. We dare you to try them all in one summer season!

Los Jalepenos

This food truck is the hot spot for an authentic Mexican lunch at the market. Handmade tacos, burritos and more at a reasonable price each week. Get there early – there is always a line!

Mad Scientist Mushrooms

Welcome to mushroom madness from a real scientist! If you love the taste of fungi in the morning, afternoon or evening, this booth is a must visit for you. Grown locally and brought fresh to market each week.

MI Great Lakes Fish Co.

Why try catching your fish from the Lake when it’s brought to you fresh from the boat each week? Choose from Whitefish, Trout, Walleye, Salmon and smoked versions of each. There’s also caviar, fish pate and more! Dan is happy to walk you through all the choices and make suggestions. He also makes winter drops so you can keep yourself stocked when the market is closed.

Mud Matters

If you are looking for unique or one-of-a-kind objects, you’ll need to add Mud Matters to your list when visiting the market. Kimberlee brings her creations each week, from earrings to coffee cups, all made by hand in her studio. She also takes orders for special projects. Stop by her booth for more details! /learn_more]

Olivia's Gift

If you are in the Market and see wheelchair riding popcorn sellers with red and white striped boxes on their heads, you’ve met some of Olivia’s Gift’s talented sales team! Olivia’s Gift is a non-profit creative housing partnership for young adults who require a high level of care. We are lucky to have them in our market, providing fresh popped popcorn and big smiles to light up the day. Stop by their booth and check out their crafts as well.

Ridgeview Farm

Local grass-fed beef comes to the market courtesy of Ridgeview Farm. The owner, Jamie Gobel, brings her product each week and is happy to answer any questions on how her cows are bred and raised. She also wears some mighty snappy boots to market!

Sandy's Fudge

Sandy has been making fudge for over 20 years and selling to public for over two.  She began her adventures in selling with us at the Ada Farmers Market and is busy expanding her product in local retail stores.

Starlight Farms

This year, we have a new vendor – Starlight Farms – offering organic beef. The owner, Gale Hunt, has raised her organic beef since 2010 and is happy to provide all the information you need about their process. Stop by to learn more and take some home to try! 

Sugar Momma's Pastries

Calling all sweet tooths! Sugar Momma’s Bakery is coming back to Market with locally baked goodies to make our Tuesdays a little bit sweeter. All sorts of treats will be at their booth so visit their selection while you’re here.

Sunnyfield Farms

It’s not just a pig – it’s a Mangalista pig! Shoppers rave about the quality of Sunnyfield Farms bacon and we bet you will as well. Visit the booth and learn about just what makes these porkers so special. Ask the owner Kristin about any advice on cooking…she’s also a chef!

USBorne Books

Have you run out of books for your little ones? Then stop by and talk to the book lady who sells books just for kiddos like yours. There’s a wide selection of books at all levels – especially in sizes to fit those little hands!

Visser Farms LLC

Like many of our local farmers, Visser Farms history reaches far back in time. The original Visser immigrated from the Netherlands in the late 1800’s, settling into the Jenison area to farm and raise his family. And family continues to make their business run today, with everyone doing their part to grow produce, serve the community and build a successful future.

Wabasis Creek Farm

Visit the Wabasis Creek Farm’s booth for everything from seasonal vegetables to cotton candy! You’ll always find a new surprise waiting to buy, so stop by when you’re here.

The Wellness Way

One of this year’s sponsors, The Wellness Way offers an approach to health focused on overcoming the three main causes of interference in the body — trauma, toxins, and thoughts — to go beyond symptom-based care and address your unique physiology in a way that allows your mind and body to find an individualized path back to better health. Stop by their booth and find out how they can support your approach to a healthy life.