New Vendor Info

Market reopens on June 1st, 2021!

A healthy farmer’s market starts with farmers who care deeply about the quality of the food they produce and their customers, who rely on them to provide food for their families.  Our vendors expect lots of questions from visitors to the market and are eager to share lots of information about the products on their table.  They respect and abide by the rules of the market, recognizing it keeps each market day running smoothly for everyone.

If this describes you and your business, we’d like to connect and talk about your fit with our market!

Vendors interested in participating in the 2021 season are invited to download the registration form at the right.

Keep in mind, we are a produce and cottage food market and accepting craft vendors is on a case-by-case basis. We will offer space in the right circumstances to local Ada/Cascade artisans but availability is limited to a few open spaces per season.

If you are a vendor with a mix of food and craft, we will not consider you for the season if your mix of product is over 20% craft. We hope to build out a space in the week for craft vendors when the time is right so keep in touch with us as we continue to meet our community’s call for new market offerings.

Note to prospective new vendors: Application forms should be submitted without the required attachments and vendor fee. If selected to be a vendor, you will be notified after May 7, 2021 and asked to provide those items at that time. We have limited spaces available each year and would hate to have you cut a check, only to find out there is no spot available.

Daily vendors please note: Vendors must have an application on file before getting an open spot.  You may not expect to show up on market day to sell without prior approval of the Market Master.

Thank you!