Notice to all our Ada Marketeers on the Coronavirus

The opening date of the market is still on June 4th.

However, as we move through this extraordinary time, please know we are monitoring conditions to ensure we align with both state and national guidelines on social distancing.

We believe our farmers market is necessary for the livelihood of our local farmers and community food access. As such, we will adhere to protocols and containment decisions specific to grocery stores and pharmacies; both considered essential public services.

We will maintain sanitation stations with wipes, hand sanitizers, and gloves for both vendors and shoppers. We will regularly clean access points to the church and restrooms.

For shoppers who aren’t feeling well – for any reason – we strongly recommend staying home and having a friend or relative shop on your behalf. We will also be asking our vendors to communicate post details on their sanitation protocols.

We will continue to watch and assess all information related to the virus and share updates with you on any impact on the market’s operation.