The Uber Ada Marketeers

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This season’s weather has been down right cranky and unrelenting in serving up a sky full of rain on Tuesdays.  It’s enough to drive everyone a little crazy.

You would think a little rain would be harmless for a Market and generally that’s the case.  However, a little humidity has consequences for  some vendors. The threat of rain is a tough call on whether or not to attend.  Baked goods are especially vulnerable to shifts in humidity; breads losing height as they absorb moisture, soggy cookies and crusts that melt all make for an unappetizing, if not inedible, product.  Soaps?  A bar soaking up moisture from rain is a short step in appearance from one floating in a bathtub. Even dried flower arrangements take a beating – for obvious reasons.  Fruits and veg are the least affected but sometimes a downpour can give them a thrashing as well.

The Ada Farmer’s Market is lucky in this kind of weather.  On rainy days, vendors set up and customers come to shop.  Our bakery goods vendors honor their commitment, showing up with full product on display, even when all of the product has to be dumped after a torrential rain.

We are also lucky to have many dedicated shoppers who don their rain gear and visit their favorite vendors during a downpour.  Everyone knows we are there, rain or shine. Ada Marketeers open up the ‘brellies and stroll through the fresh pickings, keeping an eye on the sky for any changes.

This week we did the exceptionally unusual, allowing vendors to leave early at 3 p.m. due to the non-stop downpour and the threat of more to come, possibly severe.  But, not everyone left and a handful of Marketeers stopped by to grab a few ears of corn, lettuce and baked goods.  Uber Ada Marketeers – on both sides, vendor and customer.

Next week, we will be there, waiting for you,  Ada Marketeers rain or shine…unless it’s thunder and/or lightning or tornados…or large hairy zombie toads.


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