Thinking of Christmas in July

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Last night my favorite radio station was in the retro part of its programming.  The show starts out with the ‘A’ side of a 45 rpm record and ends with the ‘B’ side.  This time the ‘B’ song was a 60’s do-wop version of, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’.  Christmas in July!

Started me thinking about all of the fresh produce we have now and capturing the flavors of summer all year long.  The flavor of ripe raspberries in a crumbly, butter cheesecake tart can brighten up a snowy Michigan day with the snap of the fork slicing through to the plate.  Lots of ways to get that zippy red taste – freezing a few pints can work – but a better way is by canning.

Now, before everyone’s finger strays dangerously near to closing this window on their computer, hear me out.  I know it can seem intimidating – all that demonic steaming and the threat of a small nuclear explosion taking out your kitchen.  But isn’t there just a wee bit of curiosity?  Wouldn’t hearing an expert’s presentation on how it’s done take a little of the uncertainty out and tempt you to try saving those yummy blueberries for a winter compote?  Can’t you just taste  how a wonderful, warm peach cobbler chases away the winter blues?

If you’re nodding – even a little – then I have good news.  Diane Deveraux, The Canning Diva, has graciously offered to be that expert in the field on July 16th and 23rd at the Ada Farmers Market, from 12:30 – 2:30 each Tuesday.  All you have to do is show up and watch.  Ask those questions about the pressure cooker and which hazmat suit works best. I’m positive she’ll know just the right answer.

Mark it on your calendar.  We’ll see you then.  Listen for the sleigh bells….


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